The Bradford Center Meetinghouse was built in 1838 to replace the first Town House, which was constructed on this green to be used for divine worship and community gatherings in 1796. As the population grew and moved closer to the new railroad line, the Town House was relocated in 1863 to become the present Town Hall on Main Street. The Bradford Center Meetinghouse was built by funds raised from the sale of pews to residents in advance. Renovations were done in 1881 and 1917. The building was struck by lightning in 1931 and the adjacent horse sheds were torn down in 1953. The decorative stencils were restored in 2005. This Meetinghouse is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is flanked by the restored Center School (1793- 1937), the Town Pound (for wayward livestock), and the Center Burying Ground featuring Revolutionary and Civil War graves.